Microeconomics exam is now live!

BY Roman Hardgrave ON Tue, March 01, 2016


Hey there,

Ready to test your knowledge of microeconomics? You’ve watched the videos and worked through the practice questions, now it’s time to take the exam to earn your certificate and display that shiny badge on your profile!

It’s not often that we look forward to an exam, but with MRU, test-taking is a lot less scary. We’re here to help you understand economics — that means you can take the exam as many times as needed, and we’ll even answer your questions in our “Office Hours” video series — just submit your question or vote on others.

P.S. — We release new videos every Tuesday and, next week, you’re in for a treat. Tyler Cowen and Alex Tabarrok will both be on screen debating the link between higher education and higher wages. Is it signaling? Or are we actually gaining valuable skills in college? Tune in to watch, and decide for yourself.