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One day as a Project Manager:
Although many believe to be PM (Project Manager) is a simple routine office work, limited to a working hours and day by day facing the same problems, the reality is quite different. While different marketing translation service company around the world may have some to another variation in the position of project manager, in general terms, a typical day would be thus:

It sounds the alarm. We see in the cell, long before that in the computer, the responses of the emails that we sent the day before to translators or other agencies that are in opposite time zones. Long before reaching the office because we are answering emails, assigning tasks, making corrections and anticipating as much work as possible so do not accumulate too much.

We arrived at the office, and we continue with our work, but here we work jointly with the AMs (Account Managers) which send all orders from customers, quotes, queries and translation projects to start. Every project, every client, each pair of languages has its particularity, things that only with time and experience you will be learning:

We see the documents that need to be translated, we decide if they need a prior step of conversion, of pre-editing, or if they will need further design work to manipulate images and adjust the new texts to the format.

And then follows the same race as always: find translators and editors available, explain how do the work and the specific orders of customers, as well as also are the deadlines for the completed work to develop each project according to the times and circumstances available. Many respond immediately emails, others will respond when because we're sleeping, since they are on the other side of the world.

After hours labor officer, emails, tasks and review of documents and translations continue, since we work with people from all parts of the Earth, a planet that never sleeps.

One thing is certain - be Project Manager is a real challenge and requires care and cultural and technical knowledge above average, something that sounds stressful, but where one never can get bored and always learning new things and interesting people are known.
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