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This is Peter Springer from Aalborg. Welcome to my Mru page here. You are most likely visiting this page to learn a bit more about who Peter Springer is, and what kind of person I am. So let's jump right into it.
Right now I live in Aalborg by myself, no pets, no girlfriend or wife. I work as an Airtrack instructor and personal trainer at the local fitness center. A job I really enjoy and are planning on keeping for the next few years. If you arn't quite sure what an Airtrack is, take a look at this page:

When not working with sports and fitness, I enjoy hanging out with friends and family. Still have all of my family, so I am pretty blessed on that level.
Most of my friends also enjoy sports and gymnastics, so we often go to different sporting events in the area, or sometimes in other countries. Last week for instance, we were in Ireland to watch football, which was just awesome. The month before that in Italy to take part in a big Airtrack tournament, also totally awesome even though the performance wasn't quite what it should have been. The rest of the vacation was perfect though, and Italy is a country I can only recommend visiting.

I am also a huge movie buff, all sorts of movies ranging from thrills to romantic comedies. I watch it all. My favorite movie of all time is Army of Darkness, which is still so much fun to watch. But the new evil dead series on Netflix which is based on this movie, is just sooo bad. So that was a huge disappointment for me. For a full list of the movies I enjoy you can see my reviews here at IMDB -

Another of my passions are art, and sometimes I try do a sculpture or two. It's hard to find the time for it when I also have to find time for Airtrack training, fitness and other sport events. Time for my family and friends, and also time for work. It's something that I hope that I will be able to focus a bit more on later on. I think I have some skills as a sculptor but I still needs tons of practice. And as you know - practice takes time. Why can't there be 28 hours in a day?

I think that's all for now. Hopefully i'll add some more relevant information later on when I have more time. But it should be enough to give you a little idea about who Peter Springer is.



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