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The Prewriting Stage of Writing an Essay

Writing an essay is a process that comprises different steps and stages. It’s not as easy as putting pen to paper and writing the entire essay. There’s proper planning and research that goes into writing an A-grade worthy paper. There are different stages starting from prewriting, drafting to revising and editing.
The first stage is the prewriting stage, where you plan and come up with ideas for your paper. Here you must consider the three different aspects – the topic, your target audience, the point of view or stance and the purpose of the paper.
Here are some prewriting strategies that you can follow for your essay:
Brainstorming – the first step is coming up with an interesting topic to write on. The best way for finding a topic is to have a brainstorming session. Just jot down anything and everything that comes to your mind. Don’t worry about the quality of the ideas just write as many points that you can think of. You can filter them out later.
Freewriting – pick a topic and start writing on it for fifteen to twenty minutes, without thinking about the grammatical rules, spellings, etc. write down as many ideas about the topic as you can in this given time period.
Ask questions – to gather data, a useful technique is asking a lot of questions. Explore the what, why, when and how of the subject.
Understand the Audience – when collecting information, consider the audience that you are writing for. It shouldn’t be too complex or generalized for the audience.
If you face trouble during any of the writing stages, there’s no need to panic. Look for an online writing company and have them assist you with your paper. If you don’t have the budget for getting papers online, reach out to a reliable essay writer and ask them, “Can you write my essay free online?”

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