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PS Plus for PS4 & PS5 - games, prices, benefits: all information about the service
How expensive is PS Plus? What are the advantages of the service, which games are there? Our ultimate PS Plus overview answers all important questions about Sony's service.Our FAQ article should help you decide whether or not to buy a PlayStation Plus subscription. We answer the most important questions about Sony's online service, such as how expensive it is, what advantages it brings and more.

All questions and answers about PlayStation Plus
What is PS Plus?
PS Plus is a premium membership fee for PlayStation Network that Sony launched in June 2010. If you buy a subscription, you will benefit from a number of different advantages.

How expensive is PS Plus?
PlayStation Plus prices vary depending on the length of the subscription. In addition, the service has become a bit more expensive since August 2019. We list all current prices for the service:

1 month PS Plus: 8.99 euros
3 months PS Plus: 24.99 euros
12 months PS Plus: 59.99 euros
Sometimes there is PS Plus to buy cheaper: the 12-month membership is occasionally on offer at retailers such as Amazon or in the PS Store itself, so keep your eyes open.

Does PS Plus also exist for PS5?
Of course, Sony is also taking the PS Plus service into the next generation. In other words : PS Plus is also available on the PS5 . Anyone who already has a valid subscription can simply transfer it to the PlayStation 5 and continue using it there to be able to play games online and benefit from the advantages of the service.

With the PS Plus Collection, all PS5 buyers can download 20 PS4 games at the launch at no additional cost , so that they can play them on Sony's next-gen console.

Will PS Plus get more expensive on the PS5?
No , there are currently no plans to increase prices in the next generation . A PS Plus subscription will cost as much with the launch of PlayStation 5 on November 19, 2020 as it does now.

What are the advantages of a PS Plus subscription?
If you have a PS4, an active PS Plus membership is essential if you want to play online multiplayer. PS Plus also gives you monthly access to PS4 games that you can download from the PS Store at no additional cost. But that's not all, there are other advantages:

you get exclusive discounts on games in the PS Store
exclusive themes and designs that you can download for free with PS Plus
Access to 100GB cloud storage, to which you can upload your scores at any time
participate early or in exclusive beta or alpha tests of certain games
Receive limited time offers on certain brands through PS Plus Rewards
Do you want to play the multiplayer of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, you need PS Plus.Do you want to play the multiplayer of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, you need PS Plus.
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What kind of games are there on PS Plus?
PS Plus offers subscribers a monthly changing range of games that they can download from the PS Store at no additional cost. Since February 2019 there have been two free games for PS4 every month .

Here we have linked the lineups of the past months so that you can get an idea of ​​the games:

PS Plus in August 2020
PS Plus in September 2020
PS Plus in October 2020
PS Plus in November 2020
PS Plus in December 2020
When will new PS Plus games be announced?
The date of the announcement of the PS Plus lineup is always based on the date of its publication. New PS Plus games are always released on the PlayStation Store on the first Tuesday of each month. And always on the Wednesday of the week before, Sony publishes the respective games.

The official announcement time is usually 5.30 p.m.

Example: The April 2020 Free Games will be revealed on Wednesday April 1st, 2020 because they hit store on Tuesday April 7th.

When will I be able to download new PS Plus games from the PS Store?
PS Plus games from the previous month are usually replaced by the new games on the first Tuesday of each month . For example, the PS Plus games in November 2019, which will be announced on October 30th, will go to the PS Store on Tuesday November 5th.

What is PS Plus Rewards?
Behind PS Plus Rewards is a reward system for members of the paid service, which beckons with changing discounts from different brands every month. The rewards are intended to make the Playstation Plus subscription more attractive and at the same time compensate for the omission of the PS3 and Vita games from the monthly free lineup. These rewards have been given in the last few months:

PS Plus Rewards in January 2020
PS Plus Rewards February 2020
PS Plus Rewards March 2020
PS Plus Rewards gives you offers from certain brands every month.PS Plus Rewards gives you offers from certain brands every month.

Where do I buy a PS Plus subscription?
in the PlayStation Store via the PS4
online in the PlayStation Store
with a PlayStation Plus gift card from a store or online retailer (voucher code)
How do I pay for PS Plus? If you buy PS Plus in the PS Store via the PlayStation Network, you need a valid payment method. You can pay with credit cards, PayPal or PSN credit, among other things.

Do you want to charge / extend your PS Plus? To do this, simply get a new membership in the PS Store or at the dealer.

How do I activate my PS Plus code?
Go to the PlayStation Store via your PS4 and scroll all the way down to Redeem Codes in the side menu
Enter your code there (you don't have to pay attention to capitalization) and select [Redeem].
The credit or the content will then be credited to your PSN account
How do I turn off automatic renewal of my PS Plus subscription?
If you have saved your PayPal account or your credit card in the PSN, your membership will be renewed automatically after the subscription period has expired. If you no longer want to keep your PS Plus subscription, you have to deactivate the default auto-renewal.

That's how it's done:

On the PS4, open the menu item PlayStation Plus via the menu bar in the main menu.
Select the menu item Manage Membership and Subscription in the upper right corner
Here you can turn off the automatic renewal at the bottom
In the case of an automatic renewal, the fee will be deducted from your PSN credit account or from a stored credit card. So keep an eye on your expiration date so that there are no unwanted costs.

Fortunately, you can cancel a purchased PS Plus subscription within 14 days.

How do I cancel my PS Plus subscription?
After purchasing a PS Plus subscription renewal, you have 14 days to cancel your subscription and request a refund. The 14-day period refers to the time it takes to send the relevant form.

You can find the refund form at Sony Official Support . You must provide the following data / have ready:

your PSN Online ID
your registration ID (email address)
your date of birth
the name of the purchase that you want refunded
Remember: You will receive the money in the form of PSN credit.

You will also receive a refund if you have already used your subscription, i.e. played online or downloaded PS Plus free games. However, in this case Sony will reduce your reimbursement accordingly.

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