Robin Grier

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Robin Grier earned her Ph.D. from George Mason University in August of 1995. She was a visiting Assistant Professor of Economics and Latin American studies at Tulane University for 2 years and an Assistant Professor of Economics at CIDE in Mexico City for 2 years before joining the University of Oklahoma in August of 1999. Professor Grier’s research has been published (or is forthcoming) in the Journal of Law and Economics, Economic Development & Cultural Change, Journal of Development Economics, Review of Development Economics, Economic Inquiry, Public Choice, Southern Economic Journal , Kyklos, Economia Mexicana, El Trimestre Economico, and Rationality and Society . Her areas of specialization are Latin American economics, the political economy of Mexico, and development & growth. Current research interests are the accumulation of human and physical capital in Latin America and Sub-Sahara Africa, political business cycles in developing countries, and inflation, uncertainty, and growth.