MRUniversity launched its country-specific lessons by starting with India. In nearly 50 videos we cover key aspects of India’s history, economics, politics and culture from the viewpoint of development economics.

We encourage you to enhance these videos by uploading your own content and telling us your experience with any of these issues. Got an idea for a lesson? Do you have some materials that would greatly add to the discussion of one of our videos? Or do you have a personal story to tell about how one of the issues in the videos has impacted your life? We want to hear it! To begin, just click on any of our videos and go to the section called "user contributions and related materials." We will be checking them and promoting the best ones on the page.

In these lessons on India, we cover:

  • India’s history of economic growth, including the British influence
  • The impact of the East India Company on the development of India
  • Whether land reform has really helped India
  • What happened to poverty when the country moved to freer trade?
  • The Indian history of labor market regulation
  • The struggles of the agricultural sector in India
  • Significant contributions of Indian economists
  • And finally, the economics of Bollywood

Get started by clicking on the videos below:


   India's Early Growth History



   Land Taxation in Early India



   Education in Colonial India



   Gandhi and the Salt March



   India Since Independence



   India's Growth Inflection



   Trade and Poverty in India



   Green Revolution



   Food Crises and India's Media



   Foreign Investment in India



   Labor Market Regulation



   India's Macroeconomic Stability



   India's Air and Water Pollution



   Corruption in Driver's Licenses



   The Kerala Paradox



   Testing for Cream Skimming in India



   Indian Business Profiles



   Frugal Innovation for the Heart



   Female Leadership in India



   The Economics of Bollywood



   Amartya Sen #2



   Partha Dasgupta

   East India Company



   The Deindustrialization of India



   Railroads and Colonial India



   Did British Rule Help India?



   India's Toughest Economic Times



   India's Reforms of the 1990s



   Agriculture in India



   Land Reform in India



   Power Generation in India



   Competition from Foreign Retailers



   Bankruptcy Law in India



   Castes and Groundwater Trade



   Mobility in the Caste System



   Lentils as Incentives



   The Rise of Private Education in India



   Edward Luce on India



   Service Sector Growth



   The Value of English



   Cable TV and Women



   Amartya Sen #1



   Amartya Sen #3



   Jagdish N. Bhagwati