About Us

Dear Learner,

We believe economics has the power to change the way you see the world.

That’s right. We said you. In fact, at Marginal Revolution University, we believe there’s an inner economist in all of us.

Which is why we are on a mission to provide a world-class economics education to everyone, everywhere for free. At the end of the day, we’re all learners, so whether you’re a student, instructor, or generally curious (aren’t we all?), Marginal Revolution University promises to:

  • Develop your inner economist with engaging, thought-provoking ways of looking at everyday problems
  • Entertain you! No boring lectures here. Be prepared to laugh, ponder, and actually want to learn econ
  • Cut through the noise to bring you viewpoints from top experts in their field

We can’t wait to see where your learning takes you.

The Marginal Revolution University team


About Us

Founded in 2012 by George Mason University economics professors Tyler Cowen and Alex Tabarrok, Marginal Revolution University is building the world’s largest online library of free economics education videos—currently weighing in at more than 900 videos.

Since 2003, Tyler and Alex have co-authored a popular economics blog called Marginal Revolution—hence the name of this educational platform. What is the “marginal revolution,” exactly? The term refers to an exciting time in the history of economics when several leading nineteenth-century thinkers (Walras, Menger, and Jevons) formalized what is now known as marginalism theory. In other words, thinking on the margin, which is something you too will master as you dive into MRU videos. We also like the idea that revolutions are made one idea and one person at a time.

Tyler and Alex are also authors of the widely-used principles of economics textbooks, Modern Principles of Microeconomics and Modern Principles of Macroeconomics. The textbooks and the videos go great together but the videos work with any textbook or without a textbook at all!

Our small, distributed team operates out of Arlington, VA and around the globe to create Marginal Revolution University content that’s used worldwide (interested in joining us?). Whether it’s an overview of micro and macro principles, a “duel” between leading thinkers, or a primer on the rise and fall of China’s economy, MRU’s videos bring viewers up to speed on what they need to know about economics.

And yes, as a non-profit, our resources are free(!) and easily accessible both on here and YouTube. For more information, see our terms of use. Questions? Ideas? We can’t wait to hear from you. Reach out to us at support@mru.org.