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Mastering Econometrics: Randomized Trials

MIT’s Josh Angrist introduces us to our most powerful weapon: randomized trials!

Randomized trials are key to the race for COVID vaccines, so it’s a good time to learn how our most powerful ’metrics tool works and why it’s so important.

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The Economics of Ideas: COVID-19 Vaccine?

During a pandemic, we need new treatments — and fast. Economists often say, “incentives matter”, and that’s true, even in a pandemic.

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Women in Economics: Janet Yellen

In this video, former Fed Chair Ben Bernanke and UC Berkeley's Christina Romer present Janet Yellen's life and her contributions to policy and academia. Yellen is best known for being the first woman to head the Federal Reserve in its over 100 year history, but she is also a renowned economist, making significant contributions to several different economic fields.

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New Curriculum: Globalization, Robots, and You

Students have important decisions to make about their educations and careers - wouldn’t it be nice if they better understood the forces of globalization and automation first? This five-day curriculum blends micro, macro, and personal finance to connect the forces of globalization and automation with your students’ lives.

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