Women in Economics: Anna Schwartz

In this video, Harvard's Claudia Goldin, UC Berkeley's Christina Romer, and more present Anna Schwartz's life and research. Schwartz—hailed as one of the most important monetary economists of the 20th century—changed our understanding of the Great Depression and monetary policy with her influential book A Monetary History of the United States.

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New Curriculum: Globalization, Robots, and You

Students have important decisions to make about their educations and careers - wouldn’t it be nice if they better understood the forces of globalization and automation first? This five-day curriculum blends micro, macro, and personal finance to connect the forces of globalization and automation with your students’ lives.

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Mastering Econometrics

If you're looking to untangle cause and effect in a complex world, then econometrics is what you seek. Join MIT professor Josh Angrist and learn to master the econometrics "Furious Five": random assignment, regression, instrumental variables, regression discontinuity designs, and differences-in-differences methods.

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