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Play Economics: The Top 5 In-Person Economics Games (updated 2022)

We surveyed economics teachers around the world, and here are their favorite in-person games (e.g., you play them "live" in-class) for economics classes. None of these games require special technology, and they all teach critical economics concepts. Check out our recorded webinar to see a walkthrough of these games. 


Dollar Auction - Perfect for the first day of class. Auction off a dollar for more than a dollar. 

Concepts taught: Incentives, Sunk Cost

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Trading Game - Have the students learn about mutually beneficial exchange. 

Concepts taught: Mutually Beneficial Exchange, Gains from Trade

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Supply and Demand Simulation - Simulate supply and demand in a market with playing cards. 

Concepts taught: Supply and Demand, Consumer Surplus, Producer Surplus

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Market Structures - Simulate how different market structures lead to different prices for consumers. (Created by the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis) 

Concepts taught: Monopoly, Perfect Competition, Oligopoly, Collusion

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Inflation Auction - Simulate how money creation increases prices with an auction. (Created by the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis)  

Concepts taught: Inflation, Money Supply

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MRU Interactive Practice - Our free interactive practice tools help students master economic concepts. 

Concepts taught: Supply and Demand, GDP, Trade, Inflation

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