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Sandwich Guessing Game

How long would it take to make a sandwich from scratch? Have students guess with this interactive online game. Then talk through how they’d actually do it. Are they growing wheat? Raising the chickens? What is even in mayo? And how do you make it? Students should quickly realize it is much harder than they thought.

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  1. Go to practice.mru.org/sandwich. Share your screen with the class.
  2. Click “START GAME”. When you do, a unique classroom PIN appears at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Students go to practice.mru.org/guess and enter the PIN. They can use laptops or smartphones.
  4. Students enter their guesses. When enough students have answered, click “SHOW ANSWERS”. The answers will be displayed on the graph. 
  5. Students will guess a second time after discussing the first round of guesses.
  6. Show students the “right” answer by showing this YouTube video.

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