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Valentine's Day: Aalsmeer Flower Auction Zoom Background

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This Zoom background, coupled with our video, is a perfect illustration of the miracle of prices, trade, and specialization!

This is a rendition of the Aalsmeer market in the Netherlands which began as a small, local operation in 1911, but demand grew rapidly. Today, the auction is held in one of the largest buildings on Earth—with a footprint of over 5.5 million sq feet—and sells 20 million flowers a day!

Flowers used to be grown in greenhouses in cold areas, but rising fuel costs led to innovation through trade: Grow flowers in warm countries and use the sun, not fuel, to keep ‘em warm! Then ship them to the Aalsmeer market where they’re purchased and shipped all over the world.

If roses bloom early or late, farmers lose—big time. So plant engineers step in with various methods to speed or slow the bloom so they pop at just the right time. Talk about division of labor!


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