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The Super Simple Solow Model, Part 1: Conditional Convergence Lecture Plan

Lecture Objective: Introduce students to the super simple Solow model. By the end of the lesson, students should be able to identify inputs to growth, solve for the steady state, and identify the factors that lead to conditional convergence.


The lesson incorporates a number of MRU’s videos about the Solow model and conditional convergence from our Principles of Macroeconomics video course. We also mix in discussion prompts, exercises, practice questions, graphs and charts, and pre- and post-class assignments. Finally, we provide supplementary resources such as additional data sources, relevant articles and blog posts, an episode of Planet Money, and even an interview with Robert Solow himself.

The lecture can be paired with any intro textbook, but is based on a chapter from Modern Principles of Economics by Tyler Cowen and Alex Tabarrok.

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Mary Clare Peate
Instructional Designer
Alex Tabarrok
Professor of Economics


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