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OpenStax Microeconomics Textbook Video-Mapped Syllabus

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OpenStax, a nonprofit at Rice University, offers high quality open license textbooks. Among the many topics they’ve covered, they’ve created a Principles of Microeconomics textbook, now in its second edition.

Here we've mapped videos from Marginal Revolution University's Principles of Micro, Principles of Macro, and Everyday Economics courses to the chapters of this textbook. You can show them in class or assign them for homework — don't forget they all come with practice questions!

In parentheses of chapter titles, we’ve included the corresponding chapter numbers of OpenStax’s Micro/Macro combination text, Principles of Economics (second edition) (left blank when the chapter number is the same).

You can view the video mapping as a Google Doc.


Chapter 1: Welcome to Economics


Introduction to Economics


Chapter 3: Demand and Supply


The Demand Curve

The Supply Curve

The Equilibrium Price and Quantity

A Deeper Look at the Demand Curve

The Demand Curve Shifts

A Deeper Look at the Supply Curve

The Supply Curve Shifts

Supply and Demand Terminology

Price Ceilings

Price Ceilings: Shortages and Quality Reduction

SUPPLEMENTAL: Rent Control in Mumbai


Chapter 4: Labor and Financial Markets


SUPPLEMENTAL: The Economics of Choosing the Right Career


Chapter 5: Elasticity


Elasticity of Demand

Calculating the Elasticity of Demand

Elasticity of Supply

Elasticity and Slave Redemption

SUPPLEMENTAL: Office Hours: Elasticity of Demand


Chapter 6: Consumer Choices


Introduction to Consumer Choice

Budget Constraints


Chapter 8: Perfect Competition


Introduction to the Competitive Firm

Maximizing Profit Under Competition

Maximizing Profit and the Average Cost Curve

Entry, Exit, and Supply Curves: Increasing Costs

Entry, Exit, and Supply Curves: Constant Costs

Entry, Exit, and Supply Curves: Decreasing Costs


Chapter 9: Monopoly


Maximizing Profit Under Monopoly

SUPPLEMENTAL: Office Hours: Calculating Monopoly Profit


Chapter 11: Monopoly and Antitrust Policy





Chapter 12: Environmental Protection and Negative Externalities


An Introduction to Externalities

Command and Solutions

The Coase Theorem

Trading Pollution

A Deeper Look at Tradable Allowances


Chapter 13: Positive Externalities and Public Goods


External Benefits

Public Goods and Asteroid Defense

A Deeper Look at Public Goods

The Tragedy of the Commons


Chapter 14: Labor Markets and Income


The Marginal Product of Labor


Chapter 16: Information, Risk, and Insurance


Asymmetric Information and Used Cars

Asymmetric Information in Health Insurance



Chapter 17: Financial Markets


Intro to Stock Markets

Intro to the Bond Market

The Miracle of Compound Returns

Can You Beat the Market?

Investing: Why You Should Diversify


Chapter 19: International Trade (PE CH. 33)


The Big Ideas of Trade

Comparative Advantage

Another Look at Comparative Advantage

SUPPLEMENTAL: Comparative Advantage Homework


Chapter 20: Globalization and Protectionism (PE CH. 34)


Tariffs and Protectionism


Appendix: Indifference Curves


Indifference Curves

Consumer Optimization

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