Mastering Econometrics

If you're looking to untangle cause and effect in a complex world, then econometrics is what you seek. 

Join MIT professor Josh Angrist and learn to master the econometrics "Furious Five": random assignment, regression, instrumental variables, regression discontinuity designs, and differences-in-differences methods.

Think econometrics is boring? So it was once, but will be no more! Skipping theoretical tedium, we use real empirical questions to bring the numbers to life. Does a private university education pay off with higher earnings? Do lower drinking ages cost lives? Econometrics uncovers the answers.

Econometrics is a journey, grasshopper. Start yours today.

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Course Outline

Think Like a Master
The Furious Five
  • Randomized Trials
  • Regression Analysis
  • Instrumental Variables
  • Instrumental Variables, Part Two
  • Regression Discontinuity Designs
  • Differences-in-Differences
Randomized Trials
Regression Analysis
Instrumental Variables
Regression Discontinuity Designs
Q&A with Master Joshway

Professor Josh Angrist answers commonly asked questions about econometrics.

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