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Inflation Examples: The Top 5 News Articles & Media (updated 2022)

These are the best videos, podcasts, and news articles that we have found to teach inflation. They bring economics to life by showing students real-life examples and current events.

1.  Price changes in consumer goods and services in the USA | Our World in Data

The graph shows how prices of services were rising faster than prices of goods before the pandemic.

2.  Despite Inflation, AriZona Ice Tea is still 99 cents | LA Times (April 12, 2022)

How is AriZona able to keep its prices at 99 cents despite runaway inflation?

3.  Shrinkflation: Consumers getting less for their money | CBS News (July 13, 2022)

If the price of a box of your favorite ice-cream has increased, you have probably noticed. But do you always remember to check the weight of the good? This video pairs well with the articles about shrinkflation above.

4.  What the Tooth Fairy tells us about the rising cost of parenting  | Planet Money (April 2, 2019)

There’s no denying it - the price of a going baby tooth is increasing way faster than the inflation rate. Why is it such a good time to be a toothy kid? It all boils down to income elasticity of demand. All check out our discussion activity.

5.  How do you measure inflation? | NPR Planet Money (July 13, 2021)

If you’ve ever wondered how the BLS measures inflation, this podcast explains the precision and process of measuring inflation.

Looking for recent news articles for class? We scour the internet for the best news examples to illustrate economic concepts and send them out in a weekly email called Econ in the News.

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