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Law of Demand Lesson Plan

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This 45-minute interactive lesson (in Google-Docs format) introduces the Law of Demand by engaging students with the media they use everyday, like our short instructional video on the demand curve.

But that's not the only way this lesson connects the demand curve to your students' lives: with current events, graphing exercises, and interactive games, this lesson keeps your students on their toes from the moment the bell rings to the time they turn in their exit ticket.

And of course, this step-by-step lesson has everything you need to use it immediately, including activity sheets, Google slides, and answer key. We also add ways for you to tailor the lesson to your class by providing additional resources like assessment questions, teacher tips, and engaging extension activities.

Key economic concepts: quantity demanded, price, demand schedule, demand curve, law of demand, substitutes

See Lesson Plan

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Dr. Cheryl Ayers
Instructional Designer
Mary Clare Peate
Instructional Designer

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From the moment the bell rings to the time they turn in their exit ticket.

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