Principles of Economics: Microeconomics

By taking this free microeconomics course, you’ll be exposed to the economic way of thinking. You’ll understand how to use economics in your life and, ultimately, see the world differently.

We’ll cover fundamental microeconomics concepts like supply and demand and equilibrium. We’ll also answer questions such as: How are prices determined? What did Adam Smith mean when he said the market process works like an “invisible hand”? How is it that we have access to fresh roses in very chilly cities every Valentine’s Day? We will cover all the key topics including competition, monopoly, price discrimination, externalities, public goods and more.

There are no prerequisites to this course and it is accessible to a beginner. 

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Runs approx 12 video hours

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Can I earn a certificate?

Yes, if you pass the final exam, you will earn the "Principles of Economics: Microeconomics" certificate on your Marginal Revolution University profile. 

How can I get updates on this course?

If you subscribe to this Microeconomics course by using the button above, you will receive email updates on the course.

Can I use this content in my Microeconomics class?

Yes, please! The videos are freely available for non-commercial use. Please let us know how it goes.

Teaching Resources

MRU offers teaching resources designed specifically for passionate educators like you! Check out a sample Microeconomics syllabus and lecture plans on topics such as Compensating Wage Differentials and the Price System.

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